you could look better

D: Haaaalp. I am pouty today. Pouty and poorly-put-together.

I'm going to see "Bill Cunningham New York" today after work, and there's an opening reception beforehand, and I knooooooooow that I'm going to be stupidly hurt that no one takes my photo at the event. I won't have time to go home and change into something splendid between work and movie, so I am stuck wearing what I wore to work. And yes, I tried to step up my outfit game a bit today in anticipation of this, but I am so wholly dissatisfied with how it looks and UGH.

The outfit: slim-but-not-skinny dark-wash jeans, cuffed; bright magenta socks with vintage brown mary janes; flowy cream t-shirt; Rodarte for Target nude lace cardigan; bunches of necklaces. And yet as good an idea as it seemed this morning at 7:45, I now feel like it looks sloppy and generally crap.

A Lady: Okay, outfit. Get rid of the cuffs, tuck the hem under instead. Socks/ankle strap/cuff is too much.
The cardi...have you tried pushing up the sleeves? Also, flowy t-shirt: tuck the front in.

D: Done and done. Shirt will be tucked, cardi sleeves already pushed (always), hems tucked.

A Lady: Also, were I you, I'd ditch the socks. Magenta/nude/white/brown seems a bit intense.

D: I will test this out in front of the work bathroom mirror.

A Lady: Do it. Now. It might help your mood.

D: "Hello, coworkers! No, I am not prancing in the bathroom for any particular reason."

A Lady: Run to the bathroom for five minutes, adjust ensemble, and see if this helps. Then report back.

D: Will do.

Okay! The shirt looks wonky tucked in, but I adjusted the pants hems and took off the socks, and I look far better. This is amazing. I was thinking that the socks + heels were the best part of the ensemble, but I was so wrong.

A Lady: Heh. Even working blind, I'm here for you.

D: You are an Outfit Whisperer.

Well, at least when I bike up to the theater, I’ll have the glowy cheeks thing going on from the ride. And who doesn't love a lady on a bike? No one, that's who.

A Lady: Exactly. PS you'll love the Cunningham doc.


A Lady: Duh. Dude, I saw it in April. It's amazing. Insane and amazing. You'll want to give him lots of hugs.

Postscript: I left work too late to make it to the pre-movie fashiony-type-people party, but enjoyed my dinner of movie theater popcorn and a giant Diet Coke during the film. And of course it’s brilliant, but I am very concerned that Bill Cunningham rides his bike without a helmet.


she's crafty


Hence the facial expression of total joy and amazement, obviously.

A Lady blogged it far better over here, but the short version is that she just saved me like $300, I have a gorgeous new leather bag, and my coworkers were amused by the reverberating squeeees of joy coming out of my office this afternoon when the bag arrived. I think the little dance I did down the hall (there may have been skipping involved) was more befuddling than amusing, but that's not the point.