words to live by

D: Hmmm. C.A. is texting.
A Lady: ?
D: Wants to go out again. I can't be arsed to reply promptly.
A Lady: So that's a no.
D: ...but I do need to get out.
A Lady: Dude. Not that much.
D: Sigh. Standards are low.
But maybe not that low.
Dunno. I have no squishy-stomach feelings for him
A Lady: That's a No, dude.
D: Word.
Who knew! Apparently I have standards.
A Lady: This is a good thing
D: I suppose.
Decent human being underneath it all, perhaps.
D: I'll likely run into him this weekend, so I have to play nice-ish til then.
A Lady: How nice?
D: Not THAT nice. Just return an occasional text, etc., rather than be a total dick and just ignore him completely.
A Lady: You are a better person than I am.
D: Well, I'm certain to run into him.
A Lady: So is he trying to date you, or just... ?
D: Dunno. He's making a half-assed effort in either case.
A Lady: Bizarre. I don't get that.
Either do it or don't.
D: I know. Either go full-on or just stfu.
A Lady: Heh. Life Wisdom.
D: That doesn't seem to be a crazy equation, non?

D: Aha! Just found out C.A. will NOT be around this weekend. Avoided!
A Lady: Oh word.
D: Commence ignoring him!
A Lady: Clearly you were really into this.
D: If he cannot be bothered to make ANY EFFORT AT ALL... neither can I.
A Lady: We have self-respect.
D: Well, sometimes.

Sometimes I just have inertia.

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